linda vigdorcika

Silence of the Giant 


In collaboration with artist Jnis Noviks

Nordic Environmental Symposium

The interactive sculpture was directly inspired by the location where the symposium was happening - the Vartiosaari Island in Helsinki.

Vartiosaari is one of the last bigger islands around Helsinki, that is only reachable by a rowing boat. The island has a very unique biotope, harbouring also some rare flowers and plants. It is quite a popular hiking spot for the local communities as well, but right now the isolation of the island is under the question, as there are plans to connect it to the main land with two bridges and build some block of luxury flats.

The name of the Island - Vartiosaari literally translated means the guardian island, and we found this to be quite ironic.
The sculpture was created to remind of an abandoned watch post - the shell of the giant, its shadow. It stands at the point where the first bridge is bound to be built and it overlooks the main land on the other side. There is a way how humans can wiggle inside the skin of the giant and take on its shell, thus maybe gaining some courage and initiative to voice your opinion across the bay and, maybe, take a stand (maybe, in more that just the question of Vartiosaari). The giant might have just up and left the island, but it
s symbol, though vacant for now, still lives on.

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