linda vigdorcika

Fox is just a Fox

video installation


Fox is just a Fox is a study of a Foxes life in London. The first thing I noticed, moving to London was how many foxes are roaming the streets and backyards. They felt very Alien to this place. Where I come from they tend to stay in the forests. I came across a newspaper article called Whats the difference between a city fox and a country fox?with the answer being well, its just a question of post box address.

The feeling was strange, how little they cared for the new technologies and super fast London life. In a sense it felt that they belonged to this place more then I did.

In 23rd of October NASA announced that their space sound library is now open to public use for artists and musicians and others. I felt this was a fun coincidence. So I set out to study the life of my neighbouring fox while listening to the strange sounds of space exploration.

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