linda vigdorcika

Community Gardening in the middle of nowhere

Installation/workshop, as part of La Nuit des idées / Flux virtuels et réels contemporains,
Paris. 2017.

Year 2017. was, in big part,  defined by protests - so many important and globally discussed problems where raised up by the public, that was becoming more and more active - the protests where gaining their audiences by the minute, while at the same time, participating in them gave one like a badge of honour that represents ones belonging to a certain group. Though that raises the argument of weather or not the act of protesting and the acquiring of the said badge becomes more important then the topic it is supposed to actuate. So slowly in my mind two questions where formulated:
1)I wanted to look closer at this supposedly “healing effect” of a protest and what is a person from a rural place supposed to do, when there is really not so many people living in your area, that you could even make a “protest”? How would this person protest? Would they be able to acquire the same “healing feeling” by other - alternative “protesting” methods?
2) Is the subject of your “protest sign” important? Or is it the action of making one that provides the healing effect and lets one express their unhappiness with a certain subject. Is there a power to the written sign?
And so the public experiment was made. A communal gardening with making watercolour drawings and studying calligraphy to make beautiful protest signs, while at the same time planting some flowers (inspired by the tradition of communal gardening in the remote areas of my birth place)

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