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Cogito Ergo Est

Cogito Ergo Est is a comment on the relationship between reality and personal experience, and how one affects the other, discussed through looking at nature objects and the romanticised images they inspire.  I was influenced by stories of Frank Stainbridge and his obsession to recreate different exotic nature specimen that, suposedly, sometimes even left the visitors of his “greenhouse” feeling like the surrounding landscape of Norfolk was more inauthentic than Stainbridges specially crafted artefacts - like a less thrilling copy of reality. A thought struck me, that something similar might be happening to my perception of reality through looking at all the “filtered” images of nature on social media, and so I set out to test my self.
From visual point of view it may seam like you're seeing something that resembles the natural, yet on closer look it is reviled that this is a very meticulously constructed reality, made by deconstructing natural objects and reconstructing them in the image, that the observer has of the natural world.  As a result, there are always some details that are a bit off - like trying to draw an object from ones memories.

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